Ten new cryospheric research positions at ACE CRC Hobart - Deadline: 31.03.2010

Ten new cryospheric research positions at ACE CRC Hobart - ecology, sea-ice, ice and ocean modeling

The ACE CRC is a unique collaboration between key partners: the Australian Antarctic Division, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, the University of Tasmania, the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research and a consortium of other supporting partners. It is funded by the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centre Program. The ACE CRC's mission is to understand the crucial role played by Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in global climate and the impacts of climate change on Australia and the world, and to inform governments, industry, the community, and scientists about climate change to guide our future.

The ACE CRC is seeking to fill the following positions:

* *Ecological Statistician*
* *Ecosystem Modeller*
* *Ice Sheet Modelling Scientist*
* *Physical Oceanographer (Modeller)*
* *Physical Oceanographer (Observer)*
* *Postdoctoral Researcher in Carbon Cycling*
* *Remote Sensing Specialist*
* *Sea ice/AUV Specialist*
* *Sea-Level Rise Specialist*
* *Ice Shelf-Ocean Modeller*

The above positions will be filled at Academic Level A or B with the possibility of Level C for exceptional candidates.

Click on the below links to read the complete job application package, application procedures, and contact details for further information about the position. Applications must be submitted to: Director, Human Resources, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 46, Hobart TAS 7001.

Applications close 31 March 2010.

For general information about the ACE CRC, please contact Wenneke ten Hout on (03) 6226 7844.

· Ecological Statisticianview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1370>

· Ecosystem Modellerview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1371>

· Ice Sheet Modelling Scientistview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1372>

· Physical Oceanographer (Modeller)view link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1373>

· Physical Oceanographer (Observer)view link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1374>

· Postdoctoral Researcher in Carbon Cyclingview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1375>

· Remote Sensing Specialistview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1376>

· Sea ice/AUV Specialistview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1377>

· Sea-Level Rise Specialistview link <http://jobs.admin.utas.edu.au/positions/pd_detail.aspx?PositionId=1378>


This message also available at http://www.acecrc.org.au/drawpage.cgi?pid=about_ace&aid=797180 <http://www.acecrc.org.au/drawpage.cgi?pid=about_ace&aid=797180>]




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